Tori & Keith | Spanish Oaks Ranch

I met Keith more than 12 years ago in the dorms at Cal Poly!  He was friends with my husband but it wasn’t until years later that I got to know him.  Fast forward, he and Tori started dating and joined us on a few camping trips out to the desert!

These two are the nicest people you could meet, and their love was reflected perfectly through the speeches of their friends and family.  Enjoy Tori and Keith’s film in my favorite city, SLO town!

Videographer: Hadley Studios
Reception Venue: Spanish Oaks Ranch
Church: St. Williams Parish
Photographer: Kelsey with Ken Kienow Photography
Florist: Festive Designs
Bakery: Cassie’s Custom Cakes
Catering: Stein’s Catering
Rentals: SLO Party Rentals


Kelsey & Dane | Serra Plaza

Sometimes I struggle finding the right way to start a film.  After hearing Kelsey’s dad’s toast…. I had no doubt that I was going to use his sweet words to get things going.  Kelsey & Dane are two of the … Continue reading

Busy Busy

Hello blog!  It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy creating a human!  That’s all.  Being a mama is everything people described it as…. which is pretty indescribable.  Days of intense challenges followed by immediate love that makes your heart feel like it’s about to burst.  The first few weeks were brutal.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  I’m almost writing this to myself for when we talk about baby #2.  Around 1 month I started to feel like “ok, we can function.  I’m okay.”  I still wasn’t ready to take baby out to a restaurant but I felt more comfortable getting him to and fro.  Fro usually being the doctor’s office or Target.  By the way, Target is my safe haven.  Anything and everything in one store.  In the future apocalypse, I hope to create our home base there.  Between the diaper aisle and women’s attire.

I will preface this by saying I love my tiny human and wouldn’t change anything about my current situation.  BUT first a little rant.  Whoever told me it was easy to work at home with a newborn (society most likely) was smoking crack.  FYI it’s impossible.  Especially as the mama.  If you’re not changing a diaper, you’re having the life sucked out of you by nursing every 2 hours.  Night.  And.  Day.  People said “they sleep all the time!  You can definitely get stuff done.”  Wrong.  Especially when you do something that requires creativity and constant thought for more than 15 minutes.  I had tons of help from my husband and family but after a few weeks, Daddy had to go back to work and it was just the two of us.  Tiny humans like attention, whether they’re sleeping or not.  By the time I fed him, changed him and got him back to sleep, I could barely keep my eyes open and it’s pretty hard to resist napping next to a sleeping baby.

Just realized I still need to finish off my pregnancy updates, but finishing my weddings from last year definitely takes precedence.  Trying to get it all done while still love on my family is no easy task.  One by one I know it’ll come together and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Plus, just look at that face 🙂

Photo by Jen Wertman Photography

Photo by Jen Wertman Photography

Christmas Comes Early

This year I knew I definitely wanted to get some nice photos done for Christmas time!  I called up our amazing birth photographer Jen Wertman and she made it happen!  She had a styled shoot at the beautiful Speakeasy on State in Redlands, CA!  I love how they turned out.  This little guy is growing too fast!

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Photographer: Jen Wertman Photos
Venue: Speakeasy on State
Hair/Makeup: Design Visage

Brittany & Kevin | The Loft on Pine | Teaser

Talk about a stunner!  Check out this sneak peek of Brittany and Kevin’s beautiful day at The Loft on Pine! Videographer: Lisa Hadley Studios Venue: The Loft on Pine Coordinator: Green Apple Event Co. Photographer: Emmy Lowe Photography DJ: DJ Jason Cova Florist: Posey Pop Bakery: … Continue reading

Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Oh my those contractions!  The doctor said not to worry about them unless I get more than 4-6 in an hour.  I definitely haven’t had them consistently that frequent but there were a few this week that I timed at being 6/hr.  I’m using an app to start tracking them….otherwise I’d completely forget.    They seem to be consistently more uncomfortable ha.  At first I could barely tell. Now I know to reach for my phone before I even touch my belly.  Toight like a toiger!
I decided to cut down on my boot camp classes.  Went strong through 30 weeks.  But I guess it’s time.  I’ll definitely keep walking and I want to keep using free weights at home (10 lb each) so hopefully I don’t notice a huge change.
This weekend we went out to Yucaipa for some camping!  Only stayed for one day but managed to teach the little one a few things about baseball 🙂
Here’s the update on the nursery!  Pardon the poorly stitched pano 🙂
Found these at Joann’s!  Only $8 and fits the mint/grey/white theme perfectly.
The big 31!
31 Weeks Pregnant
How far along?  31 Weeks
Baby Size:  Pineapple
Total weight gain/loss:  21 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yahhh buddy.
Stretch marks? Good to go.
Sleep:  Still good.  Occasional hip pain from sleeping on one side.  Getting harder to get out of bed.  Seems like I always have a BH contraction the moment I sit up.
Best moment this week: Constant movement.  Makes me feel a little more comfortable with the BH contractions going on.
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement:  He’s a wild one.  Big flips and rolls.  Think I noticed some hiccups too.
Food cravings:  Chocolate Chip banana bread!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.
Belly Button: Not going anywhere.
Looking forward to: First baby shower next weekend 🙂

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks


The biggest news this week was that my brother and sister in law delivered our little nephew!  Oliver Henry Clark was born on Wednesday, May 18th at 12:46pm, weighing 7 lb, 5 oz and measuring 20 inches long.  He’s perfect!  For more pictures check this out: Oliver.

The biggest thing I experienced this week was Braxton Hicks contractions!  It was really hard to tell at first if it was just baby pushing up against me or something more.  After a few instances I realized this HAS to be a contraction.  The whole underside of my belly got really, REALLY tight.  It doesn’t hurt much, but sometimes it’s a little uncomfortable.  Seeing Oliver born this week and now starting to have real symptoms of labor coming, it’s definitely getting more real!
Kevin’s been hard at work on the closet and putting together nursery furniture.  Someone needs to rewrite all those manuals for furniture.  No bueno.  But we’re managing.
Nursery_002 Nursery_005 Nursery_006
Poly and I taking a break 😛 Nursery_009
10 Weeks to go!
30 Weeks Pregnant
How far along?  30 Weeks
Baby Size:  Cucumber
Total weight gain/loss:  20 lbs
Maternity clothes? Always.
Stretch marks? Nada!
Sleep:  Still good.  Manage to sleep through the night on occasion without having to pee 🙂
Best moment this week: Little Oliver making his grand debut!
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement:  Getting stronger and more noticeable each week!
Food cravings:  Meh.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.
Belly Button: OUT and proud.
Looking forward to: Upcoming showers!

Pregnancy Update: 29 Weeks

This week I shot my last wedding for a while!  Our good friends Drew and Heidi got engaged last May so this wedding was on the calendar for a while!  I hired 2 additional shooters just in case I wasn’t able to be as mobile as usual.  Although I was on my feet all day, I felt great!  Most people were checking on me to make sure I was eating and drinking enough but I wasn’t worried at all.  I’ll be the first one to tell you if I think I’m going to pass out!
29 Weeks Pregnant
How far along?  29 Weeks
Baby Size:  Acron squash (who comes up with these things)
Total weight gain/loss:  19 lbs
Maternity clothes? Yah buddy.
Stretch marks? Free and clear.
Sleep:  Sleeping on my left side gives me ear cramps.  Sleeping on my right hurts my shoulder.  Ohhhh the fun.
Best moment this week: Drew and Heidi’s wedding!
Miss Anything? Nope
Movement:  Getting stronger and more noticeable each week!
Food cravings:  Meh.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope.
Belly Button: Definitely not going back in.
Looking forward to: My nephew might be on his way soon!

Heidi & Drew | The Grove of Redlands

Love these two!  Their day was SO much fun.  Here’s a little teaser I put together for them!   Can’t wait to finish the whole thing!

Videographer: Lisa Hadley Studios
Venue: The Grove of Redlands
Photographer: Aubree Lynn Photography
DJ: Let the Music Play