DIY Save the Date Numbers

When it came time for Kevin and I to take our engagement pictures, I was looking up ways to try to be as creative as possible. Personally, I think props make your photos stand out and show your personality.

One of my favorite DIY wedding projects was our Save the Date Numbers we used for our engagement pictures. Of course I originally found these on Pinterest, but I knew I could make them on my own.

I started with some wooden numbers from Joann’s, which were only about $2 each I think. Depending on the number, you can add 1 or 2 screws per letter. Two is definitely better because it helps keeps the letters facing forward. I started my measuring down about 1/4″ and my wonderful fiancé pre-drilled the holes for me.

Once the holes were pre-drilled, I took the numbers outside for a few coats of spray paint. It was hard for me to decide if there was a color I should use to make them stand out, but I ended up just going with white! It worked great in most locations for us.

Once the paint was dry, I added the screws to the back of the numbers and started tying twine to the screws. I tied them in knots so the numbers wouldn’t slide along the twine.

Of course I had a little help from a friend! 🙂

That’s pretty much all there was to it! Just as simple as it looks and they turned out great in our pictures!


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