San Luis Obispo

Do you know where all these photos are located around SLO?

One of my all-time favorite cities is S-L-O!  Or San Luis Obispo.  The first time I visited SLO, I was on a family road trip heading up the coast in 8th grade.  After that, it was with my dad as a senior in high school going to check out my new college.  I finally moved there in 2004 for my first year of college and lived there for 5 years, met my would-be husband, got an engineering degree, made amazing friends and had the best time of my life!  San Luis Obispo has something for everyone.

While heading North or South towards the central coast, you will see one of the best views of the coast from the 101 freeway.

Once arriving in SLO, the town itself has a very comfortable, laid-back vibe, which allows anyone to feel at home.  Especially college students!  With nearly half of the city’s residents being students, the area definitely caters to its younger crowd.  Quaint stores, great restaurants and an old town feel combine to make the town easy to love!

Downtown – Wineman Hotel

Powell’s Candy Store

Once you step out of downtown, the area offers a rustic, country feeling along with great wine tasting in Edna Valley!

If you want to enjoy the great outdoors, there’s always enjoying a hike on Bishops Peak!  You won’t find a better view of the city than from up there.

Bishop’s Peak

Last but not least, there’s of course the beaches!  Avila, Pismo, Morro Bay, take your pick!

San Luis Obispo is one of the best cities in California.  I highly encourage a visit if you ever get the chance!


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