Bride’s Panty Box

This was a FUN gift to make.  I got the idea from this other blog post here: Lingerie Shower Gift .  It tells you everything as far as how to make the box and getting started.  It’s a good idea to do this with 1 or 2 other people so you can get a lot of cute stuff without breaking the bank!  As we started collecting undies, I realized I had a ridiculous long flannel that my sister-in-law gave me for my bachelorette party…. so we had to incorporate it 🙂  From there we just kept finding more and more funny things to include.  Like His and Hers Candy underwear, nighttime mask and warm fuzzy socks.  Ultimately we wanted to make sure she got a bunch of cute undies… BUT if we could make it funny too, well then why not?!  I got the box at HomeGoods ($15 I think) and with deals at Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood, it wasn’t hard to get the rest without spending a ton.

The ingredients:

Lisa Hadley Studios

Just my contribution.  We probably had over 30 items between the 3 of us!

I had a little help cutting the hole on top 🙂

I haz underwears?

I haz underwears?

Uh oh.

Uh oh.

All items combined to make a perfectly unassuming package……..And away we go!

Lisa Hadley Studios

I wanted to include captions to describe what she was getting and to make it more personal.  I typed out each phrase, whole-punched it and put it through the ribbon.  As she lifted the lid and pulled the ribbon, the first thing she read was this:

Lisa Hadley Studios

I added a new caption for each type of underwear.  Items in BOLD are what we added after the note.  Here’s how the rest went:

For a long day at the clinic. (COMFY UNDIES) <— Dianna is a nurse.  Make your captions personal for your bride!
For those fun date nights. (SASSY, FUN UNDIES)
For a night at your in-laws… (LONGJOHN’S, FULL LENGTH NIGHT GOWN ETC)
For those cold winter nights. (WARM SOCKS)
For days when you just want to get away. (“RELAX” MASK)
Can’t forget the ta-ta’s! (CUTE BRA OR TWO)
For those wild and crazy nights 🙂 (ANYTHING GOES!!!! HAHA)
With all this fun we must not joke, We can’t forget the night you become Mrs. Oakes!

Lisa Hadley Studios

It just keeps going and going and going….

Oh wait…
We forgot the groom!

Since Adam is such a kind and “sweet” groom, we must find something that’s fitting for him too! (CANDY UNDIES FOR HIM…..BEWARE THESE ARE ONE SIZE FITS ALL….THE SIZE MAKES IT EVEN BETTER)

Lisa Hadley Studios

Lisa Hadley Studios

Something fun for him too 🙂

The End 🙂 Wishing you a fun, sexy, sweet, exciting life together.


As you can see the gift was quite a hit and you can really customize it to whatever you find or what the bride likes.  Have fun with it!  In the end, she will definitely have several fun items to wear as a newly married woman 🙂  After the shower the groom showed up so we put the box back together and let him have some fun with it too 🙂

Lisa Hadley Studios

Lisa Hadley StudiosWho would’ve thought their first matching outfit would be candy thongs?! 🙂  haha love these two!



12 thoughts on “Bride’s Panty Box

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  2. how did you finish the top of the hat box? I am trying to put one together for my daughter’s shower. Is the small box on top the lid that covers the opening to the hatbox? Wondering how to attach it all. I hope you can help. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Janice! I actually used the lid to a Casey’s Cupcakes box haha. You can use any small gift box lid and cover it in tissue/wrapping paper. I then taped the beginning of the ribbon to the underside of the small gift box lid, and then taped the lid to the top of the hat box just so it wouldn’t move. I had to give her instructions on where exactly to “pull” but it still worked. You could also try making a big bow that would cover the hole (it would have to be pretty big) and have it tied to the ribbon that goes down into the main part of the hat box. Then tell her just to pull the bow WITHOUT lifting the main lid to the hat box. I hope that helps! Let me know! 🙂

    • Hi Kristina,

      Yes everything was in the box and tied together with ribbon. As you pull the ribbon, a caption was attached to the ribbon (just by whole punching and slipping it on) then the undies followed. Hope that helps! Glad you like it 🙂

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