Mystery Men

A friend of mine was walking into the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. on November 2nd around 12pm when he heard a crowd clapping and he happened to capture this moment.  He didn’t see anyone else taking pictures for them. We were wondering if the magical power of social media could connect these two people with this beautiful moment!  Please share and see if we can find them!  Thanks!

Within HOURS of this post, the “Mystery Men” have been found and are beyond excited to have these photos.  Never doubt the power of social media, as well as what you can do for others!  I’m so glad I was able to help put these pieces together  🙂  Congrats AJ and Kevin!

Photo by Gilbert Vega

Photo by Gilbert Vega

Photo by Gilbert Vega

Photo by Gilbert Vega

Photo by Gilbert Vega

Photo by Gilbert Vega


8 thoughts on “Mystery Men

  1. Thank you for posting this!

    My husband(!), Kevin (he’s facing the camera), and myself, are your “mystery men”.

    Last Saturday was our 8th anniversary. We traveled to D.C. from our home in Dayton, Ohio, to get married. However, we didn’t bring a photographer because we’re having a large ceremony and reception with family and friends this coming weekend.

    The whole D.C. event was a bit of a whirlwind, and I must admit that I experienced a twinge of regret that we didn’t, and wouldn’t, have any photos of it as soon as it was over. I’m incredibly grateful that this moment was captured.

    A big, big, thank you to Mr. Vega for taking this photo! (I hope that we can receive permission to save and share this!)

    And thanks, again, for posting this.



    P.S. Our amazing officiant, Jason, forwarded this post to me. Apparently, another couple he married recognized him in the photo and sent him the link. I’m astonished and moved by all of the kindnesses shown today.

    • OMG AJ….knowing all this now, I’m even happier that I decided to share this! Now you will have a special moment from each day!

      You absolutely have permission to save and share. Feel free to email me at or Gilbert at if you want the originals. The quality from here might not be great. I’ve also shared it on my Facebook business page (Lisa Hadley Studios).

      So glad we were able to connect and a BIG congratulations to you both! 🙂

  2. It is mind-blowing that you guys were found within hours. It took me several weeks to find the owner of a memory card I found in my town of 800,000. I did not have the confidence in finding 2 people within a whole country until Lisa stepped in! Thank you Lisa and those that shared!

    I will be more than happy to share the high res images with you. I have your emails so expect them within the next 48 hours.

    Congrats AJ and Kevin! November 2nd was a beautiful day at the Capital! The fact that I can share these images with you makes if more memorable for me.

    (From Central California)

    • Thank you so much, Gilbert!!!

      What an incredible number of coincidences! My head is spinning.

      If you ever find yourself in Ohio, be sure to look us up. We’ll buy you a drink.

      Same goes for you, Lisa.

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