Bridal Advice: Keep Calm….and Go Get Married!

The night before my wedding, I had 6 girls staying with me in my room….. to say it took a while to fall asleep would be an understatement.  But then when we all woke up, there was nowhere to get a moment alone.  The hair/makeup artists showed up by 9am, followed by 2 moms, and 2 flower girls.  At one point I went out on the balcony just to get some quiet time to myself.

Wedding Advice - Keep Calm….and Get Married!
While it was fun to have some camaraderie before the big day, I’m not sure it was the best thing I could do for myself.  In reality, I thought this was what you were “supposed” to do.  Another friend of mine invited a bunch of girls over the night before her wedding and it sounded like a fun sleepover.  However, you have to know your personality.  I can be a bit of an introvert and sometimes peace and quiet is the best thing in the world 🙂  Plus I can get a little anxious, and once I get  worked up it’s hard to relax again.

Wedding Advice - Keep Calm….and Get Married!

Photo by Cary Pennington Photography

Having a calm, relaxed place to get ready will not only keep the calm before the storm, it will also make for much better photos and video of your prep time.  Everyone will have more places to move around and get you in the best positions possible.

Wedding Advice - Keep Calm….and Get Married!

The best way to keep your bridesmaids involved while you prep for the day is to make sure they each have their own place to get ready, then they can come see you for a big reveal!  It’s often one of my favorite moments…

Wedding Advice - Keep Calm….and Get Married!

After months and months of planning, don’t let anything get in the way of enjoying your day.  Keep calm…and go get married! 😛


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